The WestCal® Career Pathway Program helps registered students develop and apply their career pathway in partnership with industry mentors and academic institutions. All registered students are able to participate. Students who complete the program will acquire practical skills and professional training. The program also helps students apply to colleges and universities under "Holistic admissions. This term applies to producing a "well-rounded" student with documentation of their work experience and community participation. Holistic admissions are a major factor with CSU, UC, and private campuses.

WestCal Three Phases.png

The WestCal® Career Pathway Program consists of three phases:


Phase #1: WestCal® Presentation

  • WestCal Academy® conducts WestCal® Career Pathway Presentation for students.

  • Students learn how to achieve success in their field of major.

  • Speakers are industry professionals from the public and private sector.


Phase #2: WestCal® Interview

  • Students interview an industry professional working in their field of major.

  • Students submit a report to WestCal Academy® and their professor for credit.*

  • Students secure a mentor who helps guide them throughout their career pathway.


Phase #3: WestCal Internship / Apprenticeship

  • Students receive guidance towards an internship / apprenticeship in their field of major.

  • Students receive guidance from a WestCal Academy® representative.

  • Students may receive college credit and/or receive a WestCal Academy® Stipend.**


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