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The “WestCal® Career Pathway Assignment” requires students to interview an industry professional who works in their career field of major. Students will then author a report about the interview and conduct a ten-minute presentation to their class and/or at WestCal Academy®.[1] This assignment helps students learn the secrets to pursuing a lucrative career in their field of major. Students who have not yet declared a career field of major will also benefit as the rules of success apply to all career pathways. This assignment may help a student develop a valuable contact and/or internship opportunity eligible for college credit through Cooperative Education from a California Community College or California State University.[2]




  • Schedule an interview with an industry professional who works in public or private industry. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with someone you may not have the opportunity to meet. Public industry examples include Bureaucrats, Politicians, and Police. Private industry examples include Business Owners, Doctors, and Lawyers. Students may not interview their teacher.


  • Fill out the “WestCal® Career Pathway Assignment Questionnaire” with your information and that of the interview subject. Use good judgement about which questions to focus on and take the liberty to adapt the interview according to those areas that best meet your interests. This assignment is a means of learning everything you can about your interview subject and their profession.


  • Author a report about the interview and address the following:


(a) What is the background of the interview subject? What professional roles did they have in the past? What professional role(s) do they have currently? What future role(s) do they forsee?


(bWhat impact, if any, did higher education play with their success?


(c) Does the interview subject talk about a mentor who helped them achieve success?


(d) What is your career pathway? How do you plan to achieve success?


(e) State whether this assignment has taught you how to achieve success.


(f) Conduct a ten-minute presentation to your class and/or at WestCal Academy.


  • Submit completed questionnaire and report to your professor.


  • Scan and send the completed questionnaire and report to WestCal Academy.

       E-mail: Info@WestCalAcademy.Com AND type “Career Pathway” in the subject line.

Direct all questions about the assignment to:

Click the button on the right to learn about Phase #3.

[1]WestCal Academy® makes no claims that a student will receive course credit from their professor, college, or school. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm course credit eligibility with their professor, college, or school.


[2] Eight (8) semester credits will transfer to the California State University (CSU). Credits are not transferable to the University of California (UC). All units are elective credits. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm Cooperative Education eligibility and course credit with their college or school.

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