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Michael J. Wheeler, MA

Foundation Executive Director

WestCal Academy®


Mr. Wheeler was a Dean of Research and Planning at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, facilitating a more data driven culture within the campus community and led the college's strategic plan. He is the co-founder of L.E.A.R.N., a non-profit community based organization that served over 5,000 students daily in thirty schools across five districts. Mr. Wheeler has nearly twenty years of experience as the principal investigator for federal, state, and private grants. 

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Sterlina Cerritos

Public Relations Director

WestCal Academy®


Ms. Cerritos has held various career positions in the public and private sector. Government experience includes working for the U.S. Department of Commerce and conducting field operations for the 2020 Census. She brings years of public relations experience that includes campaign coordination and canvassing operations for local, state and federal campaigns. Along with her duties as Public Relations Director, Ms. Cerritos serves as an industry speaker for WestCal® Career Pathway Presentations. 

Joseph P. Lopez

State Ambassador

WestCal Academy®


Mr. Lopez graduated in 2016 from California State University, Long Beach with a BA in Political Science and Los Angeles Harbor College with an AA in  Liberal Arts in 2014. As the State Student Ambassador, Mr. Lopez coordinates WestCal® Career Pathway Programs with college campuses throughout the State of California and supervises ten Regional Ambassadors.

Daryle Nagano-Krier

Regional Coordinator

WestCal Academy®


Professor Nagano-Krier has been teaching Communication Studies for nearly twenty years and teaches at El Camino College and LA Harbor College. She is the Humanities / Arts Vice-Chair and Communication Studies Department Chair at LA Harbor College. In addition, she also teaches Business Communications at Cal State Fullerton and is the Chapter Advisor for Delta Sigma Pi, the premier business fraternity at Cal State Fullerton.

Kevin Carballo

Regional Ambassador

WestCal Academy®


Mr. Carballo graduated in 2014 from LA Mission College with an AA in Political Science and is currently an undergraduate majoring in Law at UC Davis. As the Regional Ambassador for Northern California, Mr. Carballo assists with internship placements in public and private industry. Mr. Carballo manages the WestCal Academy® Satellite location at Davis, California.

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