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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the program available to all student majors?


A: Yes. All majors whether academic or vocational.

Q: How do students apply for the career pathway program?


A: Send inquiries and a resume to: Info@WestCalAcademy.Com


Q: Who conducts career pathway presentations?


A: Public and private industry leaders.


Q: Why would organizations sponsor WestCal Academy® programs?


A: To recruit new employees and students achieve success.


Q: How are student mentors picked?


A: Students interview and select their own mentors.


Q: How do students benefit?


A: Students are better able to identify and develop career pathways.

Q: Do students receive course credit from WestCal Academy®?


A: No. WestCal Academy® does not award credit.

Q: How does my organization schedule a WestCal Academy® workshop?

A: E-mail an inquiry to: Info@WestCalAcademy.Com

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