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John Paul Tabakian, Ed.D.


WestCal Academy®


Dr. Tabakian has an extensive background in public and private industry that allows him to incorporate career pathways in all forms of academic instruction. He has a fervent belief that a key element for student success is academic entrepreneurialism. This gives students the ability to connect their major with a lucrative career pathway. His study, "The Academic Entrepreneur" is the foundation for WestCal Academy® career pathway programs.

Joseph P. Lopez

Vice-President of Administration

WestCal Academy®


Mr. Lopez graduated in 2016 from California State University, Long Beach with a BA in Political Science and Los Angeles Harbor College with an AA in  Liberal Arts in 2014. Mr. Lopez supervises all aspects of administration, including the departments of finance, human resources, and compliance.

Michael J. Wheeler, MA

Vice President of Development and Assessment

WestCal Academy®


Mr. Wheeler was a Dean of Research and Planning at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, facilitating a more data driven culture within the campus community and led the college's strategic plan. He is the co-founder of L.E.A.R.N., a non-profit community based organization that served over 5,000 students daily in thirty schools across five districts. Mr. Wheeler has nearly twenty years of experience as the principal investigator for federal, state, and private grants. 

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Sterlina Cerritos

Director of Business Development


Ms. Cerritos has held various career positions in the public and private sector. Government experience includes working for the U.S. Department of Commerce and conducting field operations for the 2020 Census. She brings years of public relations experience that includes campaign coordination and canvassing operations for local, state and federal campaigns. Along with her duties as Director of Business Development, Ms. Cerritos serves as an industry speaker for WestCal® Career Pathway Presentations. 

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