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WestCal Academy® is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax deductible education organization, that helps registered students, identify their career pathway in partnership with industry mentors and academic institutions, through its WestCal® Career Pathway Program. Our academic advisory board includes academic professionals, industry representatives, and labor representatives. The curriculum spans multiple presidential administrations, beginning with President George W. Bush's "Pathways," to President Barack Obama's "Pathways To Work," to President Joseph Biden's "Build Back Better" / Pathways To Work."





Academic entrepreneurialism is the foundation of WestCal Academy® and is the fundamental drive behind all of our programs. WestCal Academy® is a testament to the diversity of our professional experiences in higher education, private industry, and public service. It is a testament to the positive impact of academic entrepreneurialism. WestCal Academy® harnesses the power of academic entrepreneurs who dedicate themselves to student success.


The philosophy of WestCal Academy® is based on four core elements. They are ranked in order of priority: Truth, Respect Diversity, Embrace Scholarship, and Academic Entrepreneurialism. The foundation of our philosophy is academic entrepreneurialism.



   1. Pursue Truth

  • Students engage leaders of opposing viewpoints to learn the truth for themselves.


   2. Respect Diversity

  • Students embrace diversity in all aspects of education to appreciate all points of view.


   3. Embrace Scholarship

  • Students of all socioeconomic backgrounds pursue the highest goals of scholarship.


   4. Academic Entrepreneurialism

  • Students learn best practices from academic entrepreneurial faculty and industry leaders. 

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Changing trends in the American economy require higher institutions of learning to partner with industry leaders to pursue academic entrepreneurial ventures. These pursuits in turn increase the likelihood of student success. The founders of WestCal Academy® are academic entrepreneurs and industry leaders who guide students towards lucrative careers. Our model is based on the academic entrepreneurial practices of John Paul Tabakian, Ed.D.


Career Pathway Relevance


The concept of “career pathways” is a series of connected education, training strategies, and support services that enable individuals to secure industry relevant certification. This enables the individual to obtain employment within an occupational area and advance to higher levels of future education and employment in that area. This pertains to all subject areas in the academic and vocational trades. Career pathways utilize a “linked learning” approach that integrates instruction with career-based learning and real world workplace experiences. The United States Department of Education advocates career pathway relevancy for all subjects in school instruction that in turn influences college instruction.


Increasing course work without relevance to career pathways is unlikely to engage students who are unable to identify their career pathway. Linked learning prepares students for college and careers and not just one or the other. WestCal Academy® mentors  students about different career pathway options from the perspective of industry professionals. Students have the opportunity to directly interact with someone who works in public or private industry and develop a meaningful mentor-mentee relationship.

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