Our Purpose

WestCal Academy®, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education entity, guides registered students in pinpointing their career paths. This is achieved through collaboration with industry mentors and academic institutions via the WestCal® Career Pathway Program. Our academic advisory board is comprised of professionals from academia, industry, and labor sectors. The curriculum has evolved over several presidential tenures, starting with President George W. Bush's 'Pathways', through President Barack Obama's 'Pathways To Work', to President Joseph Biden's 'Build Back Better' / 'Pathways To Work' initiatives.

John Paul Tabakian Ed.d
President and Founder, WestCal Academy


WestCal offers an unique 96 hour California DAS (Department of Apprenticeship Standards) approved program that enables students to discover and pursue various careers. This approach develops practical skills and provides insights into the real world, preparing them for successful professional journeys.

Pathway and Mentorships

WestCal assists students to secure apprenticeships (either with WestCal or one of our partners), training opportunities, work-experience, and industry mentors - ensuring personalized guidance, practical experience, and valuable connections for their professional development and career success.

WestCal Academy Recognition

WestCal Academy is grateful for the support and endorsements of leaders from across California.

Our partners

WestCal Academy engages directly with local county and state organizations to design educational career pathways that are meaningful and beneficial for its students. Click below to learn more about our partners.


The WestCal Academy Program

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WestCal Academy Administration

The administrative team at WestCal Academy is composed of dedicated professionals committed to student success.

John Paul Tabakian

J.P. Tabakian Ed.d

Matthew Brach

Matthew Brach
Instruction and Outreach

Joseph Lopez

Joseph Lopez

Michael Wheeler

Michael Wheeler

Business Development

As the Director of Business Development at WestCal Academy, I'm dedicated to connecting our academy with leading industry partners and educational institutions. My role is all about creating opportunities for our students, ensuring they have access to top-notch apprenticeships and training programs. It's about making those key connections that open doors for our students, helping them to build successful careers. By reaching out and partnering with various organizations, I aim to broaden the horizons for WestCal Academy and its students, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of vocational education. If you're interested in exploring collaborative opportunities, I encourage you to get in touch. Let's work together to create meaningful paths for our students' futures.

Sterlina Cerritos
Director of Business Development

Pre-Apprenticeship News

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